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Releasing God's AnointingIf It's Not Good, It's Not God
$15.00 USD

"God is good all the time." Christians say this a lot, but what do they really mean? Mel Bond Wants you to know EXACTLY what it means. He takes you through the Bible to reveal that God is only and always good. Your eyes will be opened to what the original languages of the Bible reveal about the character of God. You will be set free from any demonic torment, deception, or oppression associated with these false beliefs about God. And you can be confident in the goodness of God toward you

God's Last Days PeopleGod's Last Day's People
$7.00 USD

The Bible tells us in the last days that God will pour out His Spirit and there will be great supernatural signs, wonders, miracles and healings. God needs a people that have qualities that American Indians are born with to fulfill this prophecy. American Indians are seers. We are supernaturally-minded, forgiving, giving and humble people. These qualities and others are qualities God needs to flow through American Indians and like-minded people for the last day’s anointing of God.

Releasing God's AnointingReleasing God's Anointing
$12.00 USD

Jesus taught Pastor Mel how to release God's anointing for instant manifestations of miracles. These simple, Scriptural truths will help you become more proficient in releasing the anointing of God so that people will be blessed and God will be glorified.

*This book is also available in Japanese and Spanish.


Mystery of the AgesMystery of the Ages
$15.00 USD

This book is a manual designed to give divine confidence and knowledge that all things that pertain to life and God-likeness now belong to us. It teaches instructions to operate in all of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and great miracles, for the purpose of winning people into the Kingdom of God.

Heaven Declares Earth's Bigest ProblemHeaven Declares Christians' Greatest Problem
$7.00 USD

Pastor Mel did his best to make this book as simple as possible, so you can promptly know what Christiansí greatest problem is and how to avoid it. You will read valid proof from a Scriptural standpoint and a natural standpoint that he was in heaven and was instructed to tell the world what Christiansí greatest problem is.

Neglecting Signs & Wonders Is Neglecting The RaptureNeglecting Signs & Wonders Is Neglecting The Rapture
$10.00 USD

For 2,000 years the Church has been waiting on God, and God has been waiting on the Church! When the Church learns to die to self, grow up and get serious with God, then we will have signs and wonders, the masses will be saved and the rapture will take place. Hebrews 2:3,4 How shall we escape (Greek = to be taken up into heaven) if we neglect... signs and wonders!


How to See in the Spirit WorldHow to See in the Spirit World
$12.00 USD

Pastor Mel gives instruction through scripture on seeing in the Spirit world as Jesus did. John 14:12-14 Jesus says that we can do the works He did and even greater. Learn how!

Unimaginable LoveUnimaginable Love
$2.00 USD

God is able to do the miraculous according to His love that works in us (Ephesians 3:19,20).


Understanding Your Worst EnemyUnderstanding Your Worst Enemy
$12.00 USD

We are at war with satan as never before, and Pastor Mel is exposing satan and his techniques. Learn how to be victorious against his greatest attacks. Only by understanding your enemy can you defeat him, and satan is you worst enemy!

Languages book

Why Jesus Appears to People TodayWhy Jesus Appears To People Today
$12.00 USD

Learn how to position yourself to see Jesus in visions and dreams. Pastor Mel gives a personal account of his experiences seeing Jesus and how you can see Him too. Also discussed are the traps satan uses to fool people - but there are ways you can discern his tactics!


Understanding Your Worst Enemy

Understanding Your Worst Enemy
Book & 2 CDs
; $20.00 USD
Offer #10

This package includes the book, plus two CDs: Clearly Understanding Demon Spirits and Different Ways to Cast Out Demons.

Love Package

Love Series
3 CDs & 1 book; $15.00 USD
Offer #11

Learn how to walk in love to where the devil can't find you! This package includes the book Unimaginable Love plus 3 CDs: Love - the 5th Dimension, Love Torments the Devil and Love Never Fails.

How to See in the Spirit WorldHow to See in the Spirit World
Seminar on DVD
$50.00 USD

Learn how to See in the Spirit World through this 3-day seminar on 4 DVD's (video and audio) held October 2014. Be right in the room with Pastor Mel as he goes step by step through Scripture on how see in the Spirit. Pastor Mel recommends reading Releasing God's Anointing & How to See in the Spirit World before watching this DVD.

Package: How to See in the Spirit WorldHow to See in the Spirit World
Seminar on DVD & 2 books
$65.00 USD
Offer #18

This package includes the 4-DVD seminar How to See in the Spirit World, plus two of Pastor Mel's books: Releasing God's Anoingting and How to See in the Spirit World.

Pastor Mel recommends reading both books before watching the DVD.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Seminar DVDs

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Seminar
4 DVDs;
$50.00 USD
Offer #22

All the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are a MAJOR WILL OF GOD for the last days outpouring of His Spirit.

Releasing God's AnointingHow to See in the Spirit WorldReleasing God's Anointing & How to See in the Spirit World
2 Bookss
$20.00 USD
Offer #24

Pastor Mel recommends reading both of these books prior to attending the How to See in the Spirit World seminar at Agape Church October 24-26.

Come Up HigherCome Up Higher
Donna Bond
$15.00 USD

Pastor Donna Bond's first CD. Songs include: He Just Takes Me, God On The Mountain, Consider The Lilies, The Only Real Peace, He's So Good To Me, Welcome to My World, Touch Through Me, He Is My Everything, When He Was On The Cross, and Come Up Higher.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Seminar - CDsGifts of the Holy Spirit Seminar
5 CDs

$25.00 USD

All the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are a MAJOR WILL OF GOD for the last days outpouring of His Spirit.

31 Reasons to Speak in Tongues31 Reasons Every Believer Needs to Speak in Tongues
4 CDs
$20.00 USD
Offer #21

Pastor Mel walks you through 31 Scriptural reasons every believer needs to speak in tongues. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues, you have more power in the spirit realm!

Renew Your YouthHow to Renew Your Youth
2 CDs
$15.00 USD
Offer #15

Psalm 16:11 - In His presence is the path of life. Life in the Hewbrew means "restored life or restored age". We have a new convenant with better promises because Jesus lived and died for us. Learn how to enjoy life and have nothing but good days!

When Nothings Seems to WorkWhat To Do When Nothing Seems To Work
3 CDs
$20.00 USD
Offer #13

Do you find that you have prayed and nothing seems to work? Pastor Mel has spent hours in the Word and hours listening to the Voice of God. Learn what God has outlined to Pastor Mel regarding closing the gap to your prayers in this 3-CD offer!

Taking the limits off GodTaking the Limits off of God
3 CDs
$20.00 USD
Offer #12

God wants to bless the body of Christ in many different ways. You can learn to take the limits off of the God in this 3-CD offer. God has given Pastor Mel new revelation into the last days prosperity for the body of Christ. People who have received this message are seeing their gas tanks filled while driving down the road and others are finding treasures in secret places.

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